Holocene Poster

For a show January 8th:


Website Updates

New glorious Indexhibit things happening on my website -- namely, expanding menus. CSS is a tricky monster, but I'm beginning to wrap my mind around its capabilities. Besides that, I've added a new section for type, fonts, lettering, and other such things. Check 'er out and lemme know what you think.


Tulsa Fixed Gear

Put this little number together while I was home for Thanksgiving. 53 cm Panasonic touring frame. I forget the gearing and other specs. I'll post that later on. But it's a fun little ride. Can't wait to go home again.


Motorcycle Awesome

A new typeface in the works.


I've Been Blogged

So there's this blog called Viewers Like U. And a few days ago a kindly fellow named Ian in Tokyo posted up the Plazm stickers I designed as well as a link to my portfolio site. Since then we've been sending out packages of stickers to LA, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Belgium, Egypt, and beyond. Besides that I've been clocking in visitors to my website from around the globe, and frankly I'm rather pumped. Thanks for the exposure Ian!


Portfolio Website

Thomas Bradley dot Net is finally up and running again with tons of new work on it. 10 new projects in all, many featuring the photography skills of Mr. Baker Poulshock. Here's a few examples of what you'll find on there.


Rock and Roll Camp for Girls

Finally got around to taking pictures of the hoody I designed for Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. Hand drawn crest and black-letter logo face.
Also available in dark blue. Swoop here along with another tee I designed for RNRC4G, the one with the tie and the pocket protector.


A Farewell To Hops

My Dearest Hopworks,

It's been a nice run, but for now I am afraid we must part. If you must know a reason for my leaving, I have been seeing someone new. They treat me better, pay me more, and occasionally let me drink on the job. You can keep the children. And the highchairs, train-set, kiddy menus, and crayons. But I get to keep my sanity. You can't have that anymore, it was never yours to take. I need some time away from you. I hope you understand. Maybe things can be different in the future.



Malt Liquor

New project added to my portfolio site. Work Truck Malt Liquor gets the job done.


Plazm Stickers

1000 of them. Drawn and designed by yours truly. Get 'em while they're hot. Post your address and I'll send you some.

That's Pretty Good

All my life I have been accumulating various and sundry bits and pieces of printed matter. I have shoe boxes and shoe boxes full of old pamphlets, fliers, bus tickets, recipe cards, as well as anything and everything having to do with typography. I am especially a fan of things that have been designed (but not necessarily designed well) yet slip by unnoticed and unappreciated. So it's time to put all of this stuff somewhere. And it's going to be here. Updates will be random and untitled. Some will have a theme. Some wont. I'm sort of playing this by ear. Hope you enjoy.


Progress Underway

Construction has begun on version 2.0 of thomasbradley.net. I still have plenty to add to it but am really feeling this Indexhibit business. Have a look at what I've got up so far, and leave me a comment if you feel like letting me know what you think.


So Many Cards

More business cards. These are slightly more serious.


I Mean Business

Fresh batch of new business cards. Hand-stamped on hand-cut pieces of time cards. Each one is slightly different and unique. Get one today!


Nine months ago my friends over at Wideshot Studios asked me if I wanted to be in a short film. Sure. Why not? Loosely based on a script written by miss Ainsley Drew of MOI, produced by Diana Bayless, and directed by Peter Hermes, Steeped runs a brief 9.5 minutes and stars the beautiful Ms. October Moore, Juliana Tobon, Fro Waters, and myself. The film premiers this coming Friday the 24th at 7pm at the Mount Tabor Legacy on SE 48th and Hawthorne. It will be shown along side other films and music videos also made by Wideshot. And it's free. See you there?

In case you just can't wait until Friday, you can catch a sneak peek at some behind the scenes footage right here. And that's me on the poster looking like a creeper.


Website Launched for Nike

The website for the Spring 2009 line of Nike US Women's Training is up and running! Art direction and design by us at PLAZM, photography by Nike, color correction and photo edits by Color Technology Inc, and made functional, coded, polished, and prettied up by Sticky. And just in case you have ever wondered what my handwriting looks like, you can see it here in English and in Spanish.


Dear John,

Get your game face on.



The Holocene's monthly 90's dance party just happens to fall on Halloween. And I just happened to make the poster for it.


Poster Collabo

Teamed up with my buddy Oliver on a poster for an event October 8th at the Holocene in Portland, OR.

Brought to you by Team Lunchmeat

New Bike

Just finished building the newest addition to the Bradley Family.

Frame - 56cm late 1980's French-made Peogeot touring frame, lugged steel, Reynolds 510 cromalloy
Wheelset - 700cc Weinmann white DP18 rims laced to white hubs, with a SS/fixed flip-flop on rear. Machined front wheel, non-machined rear. Continental Gatorskin tires.
Gearing - 50 tooth chainring on a 18 tooth free-wheel cog
Handlbars - Chopped MTB riser bars with Origin 8 track grips

And for nostalgic purposes, I salvaged the saddle from my old Bridgestone Kabuki... may she rest in peace.


Hand Drawn Fliers

For a couple events at Hopworks Urban Brewery that already happened. More to come.

It's Hip To Be


Global Warming

In honor of our first day of the summer heat wave...
isn't it though?

Ministry of Imagery

I designed the new logo for Ministry of Imagery.
Here it is in a couple different forms.


It's just that you and I...

...we're from completely different worlds.

Pork Chop

A couple things I did for a cookbook-themed zine a couple years back. Still favorites of mine.
Notice where the heart is.

Freight Tanks

I video I filmed out the window of my car a few years back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A sign of the times I suppose.


Links Updated

A couple additions to my links over there on the left...

The photography of a fellow coworker, Miss Petra Horn-Keller.

And I suppose it's about friggin' time I linked up the videos of Mister Benjamin Allen.


Portland Center Stage

A few unaccepted versions of the brochure cover/poster for the 2008-2009 season of Portland Center Stage.