American Typewriter

---The 7 and 2 of American Typewriter light, regular, and bold: Truly beautiful forms. Anyone with these two numbers in their address, birthday, or social security number should feel honored. I know what you're thinking. Wow. Thomas is the biggest nerd around. But will you just look at that? Click on the image and make it bigger. American Typewriter kicks ass and takes names. And what's better? You have it. Everyone has it. It comes free with every computer in 3 different weights, AND in 3 condensed weights.*
---I have lately been smoking Marlboro 72's, but no, It's for a completely different reason. They're shorter than the average cigg so they don't last as long, which comes in handy when you have to smoke outside and don't feel like lingering around too long.

*On second thought you might not have it. It comes with all Mac computers, but I'm not too sure about PCs. If it doesn't, sorry I psyched you out like that.

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