Global Warming

In honor of our first day of the summer heat wave...
isn't it though?

Ministry of Imagery

I designed the new logo for Ministry of Imagery.
Here it is in a couple different forms.


It's just that you and I...

...we're from completely different worlds.

Pork Chop

A couple things I did for a cookbook-themed zine a couple years back. Still favorites of mine.
Notice where the heart is.

Freight Tanks

I video I filmed out the window of my car a few years back in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A sign of the times I suppose.


Links Updated

A couple additions to my links over there on the left...

The photography of a fellow coworker, Miss Petra Horn-Keller.

And I suppose it's about friggin' time I linked up the videos of Mister Benjamin Allen.


Portland Center Stage

A few unaccepted versions of the brochure cover/poster for the 2008-2009 season of Portland Center Stage.