Poster Collabo

Teamed up with my buddy Oliver on a poster for an event October 8th at the Holocene in Portland, OR.

Brought to you by Team Lunchmeat

New Bike

Just finished building the newest addition to the Bradley Family.

Frame - 56cm late 1980's French-made Peogeot touring frame, lugged steel, Reynolds 510 cromalloy
Wheelset - 700cc Weinmann white DP18 rims laced to white hubs, with a SS/fixed flip-flop on rear. Machined front wheel, non-machined rear. Continental Gatorskin tires.
Gearing - 50 tooth chainring on a 18 tooth free-wheel cog
Handlbars - Chopped MTB riser bars with Origin 8 track grips

And for nostalgic purposes, I salvaged the saddle from my old Bridgestone Kabuki... may she rest in peace.