Uncommon launched today. We're all rather excited. It's a project based out of our office, developed by a few homies of mine, and is sure to blow up.

To quote coolhunting:

Using an on-demand digital printing process Uncommon, which launched today, enables unlimited possibilities for customizing device cases. The process, branded 3D TATT™ (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology), is a sublimation technique that embeds the image deep in the plastic case which means that it won't smear or scratch off like other surface printing techniques tend to do. Uncommon can print artwork, designs or photographs on a case, or you can choose from a portfolio of over 150 artists and brands already on board. The launch collection features work from Phunk (above, left), Candybird, David Ellis (above, right), MQ, Mode 2 and Christopher Lee (above, middle), among others.

Roberto and I have been developing an iPhone app for this which has yet to launch. It will allow you to design your case from your iPhone. Launch your photo library, upload, and customize your own, or pick someone else's art to crop down. Looking forward to it. Stay tuned.


Whiskey Shit Yes - TCB Micromix vol 5.0

With ten songs and a time total of 30:31, this is by far my most rock and roll mix to date. This one's about a room warmed by body heat, hanging out in your shower until the water heater kicks, watching an unnecessary fist fight, fire-place ash in your hair, and hot toddies. We've still got four more months of this crap.

Keep warm.

1. Holy Shit - Written All Over Your Face
2. Ganglians - Violent Brave
3. Thee Oh Sees - Meat Step Lively
4. Caribou - Sandy
5. The XX - Intro
6. Ganglians - Never Mind
7. Atlas Sound - Doctor (Five Discs Cover)
8. Thee Oh Sees - Destroyed Fortress Reappears
9. The Mantles - Don't Lie
10. Washed Out - New Theory



Goats in Trees

Not quite sure where I came across this, but I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard about it yet.

Very worthwhile google image search: "goats in trees." I've selected a few of my favorites to save you the effort, and I've thrown in a video of sixteen goats clown-carring out of a tree.


Calls and Responses

Videos for a band featured on the Deadbeat Summer mix, Memory Cassette. Both sides A and B from their latest EP "Calls and Responses."

Surfin' / Body In the Water

Memory Cassette Calls and Responses EP (side A)
Directed by Pat Vamos

from Vimeo.

Asleep at a Party / Last One Awake

Memory Cassette Calls and Responses EP (side B)
Directed by Sebastian Rozenberg

from Vimeo.

Jahanmal Web Banners

Although not my favorite medium of all time, I think these web banners came out pretty nice. For an online book distribution company based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

So international right now.



Last post was a little dry for you folks out there that don't really care about html & css. I don't blame you. So with no further ado, I give you ZOMBIE vs. SHARK!!

p.s. thanks graham!



New Web Design!

Work Truck Malt Liquor dot com is up and running; remodeled the portfolio site of fellow Portland designer, Afton Hakes; re-tooled the photography site of roomie, Baker Poulshock; and last but not least my blog now matches my portfolio site once again.





Deadbeat Summer - TCB Micromix vol 4.0

Swimming pools, beaches, thunderstorms, sunglasses, falling asleep in the park, and couch surfing across the states and back in a friend's sister's 1998 Honda with shoddy air conditioning. That's what this mix is about. There's still some good sunshine to be soaked up before the rains begin again. Maybe this one will last until then. Who knows. It's only 27 minutes long.


1. Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
2. Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
3. Kurt Vile - Freeway
4. Memory Cassette - Last One Awake (Friend Version)
5. Animal Collective (remixed by PhaseOne) - Daily Routine
6. Nite Jewel - What Did He Say
7. Coco Rosie - Happy Eyez
8. Empire of the Sun - Walking On a Dream

Due to copyright violation, Blogger pulled my mix. Contact me, or leave a comment with your contact info, and I'll send you the link.

Also special thanks to Baker for the album art photo


Paradox Jewelry Vs. Thomas Bradley Intl.

Have been collaborating with Page of Paradox Jewelry over the past week. 3 necklace pendants designed by me and cut by her so far. Here's the first: oxidized copper w/ brass rivets. More to come later.


Goodbye Horses : TCB Micromix Vol. 3

A 33 minute long mixtape of the very best of what I was listening to at the beginning of the year. I was a bit lazy with overlaying vocal samples and perfecting song transitions this time but I'm still a pretty big fan of the song line up. Click the album art to start the download.


1. Starfucker - Mike Ptyson

2. Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You
3. Dim Dim - Nice Meeting You
4. Blind Man's Colour - The Warm Current's Pull
5. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
6. Chromatics - Running Up That Hill
7. Harlem - Goodbye Horses
8. Starfucker - Isabella of Castile
9. Gang Gang Dance - House Jam




SFG and Josh's baby designed by me and coded by buyolympia featuring work from Art Chantry, Kate Moross, Ed Fella, and Hannah Stouffer. And that's only the first four months. 99 bucks for 6 shirts delivered to your doorstep over the next 6 months? Get 'em while they're hot!

But enough of the sales pitch. I must admit I'm rather pleased with the way this design turned out. A hats-off to buyolympia for breathing life into my static web design.


Contract Job

Currently working for Minimal's Portland studio on a very exciting job for Microsoft. I've got a couple weeks left on the contract working with a great buch of fellas. I owe a huge thanks to Lee Schulz and Julie Igarashi for the hook up.


A Face for the Radio

Half of my very first accidental radio appearance/guest DJing can be heard here. Great fun. Might happen again next week.


S├ębastien Tellier

Sebastien Tellier - Roche from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

Not too sure what to make of this "French Eccentric/Perv" but I'm pretty sure this video is great.

Yeah, I know. I've been posting a lot of music vids lately. What can I say? Business is slow and I've been listening to a lot of new music.


Jordan Domont dot com

Just finished polishing up the website that belongs to the homie Jordan Domont. If he can't pay me for it, I shall charge him one portrait.


We Can Make It Through This

Project Gallery Opening Exhibition Poster

Two ladies are opening an art gallery in the middle of a recession in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This poster is for their debut exhibition. Poster copy worded by none other than Ministry of Imagery. And in case you can't tell due to screen resolution, that's a giagantic maze. 18" x 24" two color screenprint.

Client : Project Gallery


When I Grow Up

I keep thinking about this video.

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer of The Knife's new side project.


Getting Twit-faced

Anybody else feeling left out on what P-Diddy is thinking at all times? Well you might want to think twice about that. Man just doesn't have a whole lot to say, yet he still says it often. However! Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Rainn Wilson, LeVar Burton, Tina Fey, Steven Colbert, David Lynch, David Wain, Tim and Eric, and Rob Corddry always entertain. It's an interesting way to keep tabs on how other people's brains work. You can even post whatever comes to your mind and pretend like everyone reads it and finds it enlightening or entertaining.

If you would like to find out how my brain works and want to follow along, holler and I'll send you a link to my twitter page. But I don't really feel like posting it too publicly at this point.


Another Damn Website

Might notice something new over there in my "internet real estate" section. I've started a tumblr -- but not your average tumblr! This is where I shall house the miscellaneous bullshit I make for no reason out of found internet pics. Enjoy.



More People I Don't Know

Four more additions to my "People I Don't Know" section over there on the left. We got one Andrew, one David, and a couple of Dans.


Ministry of Imagery

New MOI ad for ArtBeat Magazine


And someday I will be an O.G.


She Haunts The Roads

Just finished drawing out some type for Linda for a proper blog-header.

I narrowed it down from these:

Plazm Wallpaperz

I just finished 7 desktop wallpapers for the Plazm blog with my latest favorite photoshop effect which just happens to look fucking wicked on pics of outer space. I'm interested in the idea of the infinite vacuum of space viewed thru a computer screen. Is the internet infinite also? If you haven't yet seen Google Sky, it is a great way to spend an evening, but might leave you feeling slightly humbled. Find your screen resolution below, and discover the cosmos in wonderfully pixelated 72 dpi. Don't scale the image to fit! It just won't look as good. I promise.

1024 x 768 :
Andromeda Galaxy
Cone Nebula

1280 x 1024 :
The Mice
Tadpole Galaxy

1680 x 1050 :
Horsehead Nebula
The Cosmos

1920 x 1200 :
Spiral Galaxy


Cool Shirt

Tee shirt I made for Karmaloop's Cool Kids Tee design contest.

My Girls

Haven't been able to get enough of this song since it first leaked.


Pimp My Blog

I was recently asked to create a Plazm Blog to match the Plazm Site. So I buckled down and figured out how to speak basic computer. Since then I've been tweaking out CSS of other blogspots I am a part of, one which you are looking at right now. Here's the new Plazm Blog, and heres the recently remodeled That's Pretty Good.


People I Don't Know

Starting up a section of this blog (over there on the left) dedicated to shouting out my latest favorites. Here is a smattering of the current selection.


Hey check it out.

My blog kind of matches my portfolio site. Also, happy new years!