Plazm Wallpaperz

I just finished 7 desktop wallpapers for the Plazm blog with my latest favorite photoshop effect which just happens to look fucking wicked on pics of outer space. I'm interested in the idea of the infinite vacuum of space viewed thru a computer screen. Is the internet infinite also? If you haven't yet seen Google Sky, it is a great way to spend an evening, but might leave you feeling slightly humbled. Find your screen resolution below, and discover the cosmos in wonderfully pixelated 72 dpi. Don't scale the image to fit! It just won't look as good. I promise.

1024 x 768 :
Andromeda Galaxy
Cone Nebula

1280 x 1024 :
The Mice
Tadpole Galaxy

1680 x 1050 :
Horsehead Nebula
The Cosmos

1920 x 1200 :
Spiral Galaxy

1 comment:

Naka said...

Well i had the horsehead wallpaper but i lost it when i brought the new harddisk(ssd), its possible to upload it again , because i dont find it anywhere , even on google images...
Thanks !