Uncommon launched today. We're all rather excited. It's a project based out of our office, developed by a few homies of mine, and is sure to blow up.

To quote coolhunting:

Using an on-demand digital printing process Uncommon, which launched today, enables unlimited possibilities for customizing device cases. The process, branded 3D TATT™ (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology), is a sublimation technique that embeds the image deep in the plastic case which means that it won't smear or scratch off like other surface printing techniques tend to do. Uncommon can print artwork, designs or photographs on a case, or you can choose from a portfolio of over 150 artists and brands already on board. The launch collection features work from Phunk (above, left), Candybird, David Ellis (above, right), MQ, Mode 2 and Christopher Lee (above, middle), among others.

Roberto and I have been developing an iPhone app for this which has yet to launch. It will allow you to design your case from your iPhone. Launch your photo library, upload, and customize your own, or pick someone else's art to crop down. Looking forward to it. Stay tuned.

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