Digging of Ponies

Some buddies of mine opened up a bar. Pizza Friday* did the branding/design/supporting signage. More pics to come later. But for now, we give you Dig A Pony. Stop on by when you get the chance. Maybe I'll buy you a drink.

*Pizza Friday consists of Tom O'Toole, Ada Mayer, and myself.


The Cat's PJs

Lazy Saturday pen & ink jammy.

Click to zoom. (it's worth it.)


Starfucker at Doug Fir Lounge

We at Nemo just finished our third installment of this year's Nemo Poster Project; a 3-color screen-printed poster for tomorrow's Starfucker/Blouse show at Doug Fir Lounge. Edition of 100. Design by me & Pizza Friday. Come to the show or holler at me for a print.


Say No Go Vol. 1

Projects completed in the past that never quite made it much farther than the drawing board. For this first post, I'll stick to my favorite; hand lettering.



Alternates Ligatures Swashes Caps & Variants

My piece for Compound Gallery's Special Characters show. Opens tomorrow night. See previous post for details.

12.5" x 19" ball point pen on paper.

Click to zoom. Seriously. Click it.


Two Shows

I have pieces in two different shows opening this Thursday, March 3rd. One in Portland at Compound Gallery, the other at the 210 AR4T Space in Laguna Beach, CA. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend either one, as I will be en route to Paris for a 3 week European romp. I really was looking forward to meeting some of the folk involved in the Special Characters show at Compound, but oh well. Maybe next time.


I Wish I Could Talk In Technicolor - TCB Micromix Vol 8.0

This one's pretty psyched out, y'all.

I Wish I Could Talk In Technicolor
1. Dead Ghosts - Dead Ghosts
2. Wolf People - Untitled
3. Ty Segall - Untitled #2
4. Atlas Sound - Wire Brush Stomp
5. Javelin - We Ah Wi
6. Charles Manson - I'll Never Say Never to Always
7. Sonny & the Sunsets - Do I Remember Me
8. Ducktails - Art Vandelay
9. Deerhunter - Revival
10. Smith Westerns - Imagine Pt. 3
11. Javelin - Tell Me, What Will It Be?

Samples Courtesy Of:



Albums I Bought in 2010

Over the past year I began experiencing a feeling of guilt over my contribution (or lack thereof) to the music world. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I haven't had to pay for an album in years. I also can't recall the last time I payed to attend a live show, as it's remarkably easy to get guest-listed at the majority of venues I attend. So this year I decided to start giving back in the most direct way I could think of. Each time a band I'm a fan of played in town I'd go to their show and buy a vinyl record. Often times I was directly handing the cash over to a band member. I have now started accumulating vinyl versions of my favorite albums. There are plenty more albums from 2010 I need to purchase. Mp3's will have to tide me over til they come to Portland again.

I have still yet to purchase a record player though... Soon enough.


Nike 6.0 HO-2010

Whats that? You want to know what have I been doing with my past few months at Nemo? Well let me show you. Here's just about every spread that appeared in an action sports magazine during the Holiday season of 2010 for Nike 6.0.

Photo treatment, color matching, cropping and layout by me, art direction by Steve. Got a few favorites. A few, not so much. Pretty solid collection though.

A Nemo Holiday - Part 2

Part two of our holiday greeting was a bit more premium. The Secret Sauce of Awesome Design by Nemo. 50 of our most major clients got one of these hand-delivered to their doorstep.
(click to enlarge)

Hardcover books hollowed out and filled with a foam insert contoured to fit 6 mini bottles of Jack Daniels and one mini Tabasco bottle. A laser-cut piece of walnut veneer polishes-off the foam insert. I designed the cover and spine. Detail shots below.

My favorite part of these were the weight of them. After being hollowed out and filled full of booze, it felt to be the weight of the original book. So on first assessment, before opening it, one really wouldn't suspect anything was up. Also the entire foam/veneer insert can be removed, so the book can be re-purposed to stash anything.