A Nemo Holiday - Part 2

Part two of our holiday greeting was a bit more premium. The Secret Sauce of Awesome Design by Nemo. 50 of our most major clients got one of these hand-delivered to their doorstep.
(click to enlarge)

Hardcover books hollowed out and filled with a foam insert contoured to fit 6 mini bottles of Jack Daniels and one mini Tabasco bottle. A laser-cut piece of walnut veneer polishes-off the foam insert. I designed the cover and spine. Detail shots below.

My favorite part of these were the weight of them. After being hollowed out and filled full of booze, it felt to be the weight of the original book. So on first assessment, before opening it, one really wouldn't suspect anything was up. Also the entire foam/veneer insert can be removed, so the book can be re-purposed to stash anything.

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