I know. It's been a while. But it's time for the NINTH installment of my half-assed attempt at spreading the good word of what sort of shit I've been listening to lately. A lot of these tracks have been released over the past year or so, but there are about a half dozen dusty jams dug up from some 1960's foreign garage/psych scene some place. It's certainly the longest mix I've made so far, which is appropriate considering it's been almost an entire year since I made my last one. I've been developing this playlist for roughly that long. If you work anywhere near my desk, you're probably already sick of the majority of these songs. And if we've spoken at all over the last month, I'm sure you'll get the title/album art. I'm typing this with one hand right now. 2011 came to a rather unexpected and unsettling end, but I've managed to make some lemonade. Anyway I hope you dig it. Also thanks to Drew for schooling me on the Dutronc, and to Ellen for Les Sinners.

The Kick Back
1. R. Stevie Moore - The Voice
2. Velvet Davenport - Trip With Ratty
3. Peep Show - Mazy
4. Monique Gaube - Avec Amour
5. Les Sinners - The Days Are Gone
6. Les Problämes - Pas Adieu
7. Shapes Have Fangs - Cryin Eyes
8. Moonhearts - Shine
9. Mikal Cronin - Situation
10. The Troggs - I Just Sing
11. Jacques Dutronc - Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous
12. Ty Segall - Who Are You?
13. Shapes Have Fangs - Shapes Theme / Only Blood
14. Wett Nurse - Spook It
15. Thee Oh Sees - Stinking Cloud
16. Atlas Sound - Talent Show
17. Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever