Max Headroom Incident

From Wikipedia:
On November 22, 1987, an unidentified man wearing a Max Headroom mask intercepted the signals of two television stations in ChicagoIndependent station WGN-TV (now a CW affiliate), owned by Tribune Company, was hijacked first. Its signal was hijacked during the sports report on its 9:00 pm newscast for about 25 seconds. Then came PBS station WTTW, where the man was seen and heard uttering garbled remarks before dropping his trousers, and was then spanked with a flyswatter before the screen went black. The interception occurred at about 11:00 pm during an episode of Doctor Who entitled "Horror of Fang Rock" and lasted almost 90 seconds. To this day, none of the individuals responsible for the intrusion have been identified. This incident got the attention of the CBS Evening News the next day and was talked about nationwide. The HBO incident was also mentioned in the same news report, presented by Frank Currier.

First Incident: WGN-9 News Report Intrusion

Second Incident: WTTW-11 Doctor Who Intrusion

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